The COBOTTA PRO is designed not only to facilitate collaboration
between human workers and robots,
but also to consistently maximize productivity.
It delivers a blend of productivity and safety
for both simple tasks and multi-step processes like assembly and inspection work.

Functional safety designed to consistently maximize productivity while collaborating with human workers

The COBOTTA PRO delivers a mix of productivity and safety by maximizing its operating speed when no workers are nearby while minimizing the distance needed to slow or stop when workers approach.
When not collaborating with human workers, the unit operates at a maximum TCP speed of 2,500 mm/s with repeatability of ±0.04 mm. The COBOTTA PRO safeguards worker safety by augmenting proprietary torque sensors, which are standard equipment at each axis, with functional safety like torque, speed, and area monitoring. In addition, a touch-sensing soft cover that embeds high-sensitivity contact sensors in a silicon cushioning material further reduces collision risk. This design helps improve productivity safely.

Ease of use and precision:
A development environment that’s easy for everyone

We developed a new concept in direct teaching so that the COBOTTA PRO can be used to easily and quickly automate highly difficult, complex tasks that require a high level of precision, for example assembly work.

Functionality accommodates a variety of teaching situations, from track memorization to fine-tuning down to 0.1 mm. In addition, the robot uses the visual programming language Blockly as a new development environment. Utilized in conjunction with direct teaching, this approach lets even novice programmers implement high-precision, highly difficult applications like assembly processes intuitively and visually.

Automating work that conventionally has depended on human workers with a robot that sees, thinks, and moves

Collaborative robots are often used as an alternative means of performing work usually performed by human workers.  Automating such work has been a challenging process that requires advanced technologies and expertise so that robots can see, think, and move like humans. Highly difficult work like assembly processes can be automated by using tools like Mech-Eye, a high-precision 3D image recognition camera, and AI Imitative Learning, general-purpose AI software that automates tasks performed by human workers that are difficult to verbalize, to implement integrated control of the COBOTTA PRO and peripherals using the RC9 controller.



We help every customer who needs a robot, a robot application, a EYEFEEDER application or ROBOTUNITS build material. We also can advise you on what is required to get a fast reliable and simple application working.

Need application advise:
We only need little information regarding machine space and cycle speed. We will make a proposal which robot model, vision camera and accessories are required for a properly working application.

We know what our customers expect from us besides delivering high quality robots. We also have good service to guarantee that installed robots will function properly. Therefor service has high priority in our organization.

Application examples:
Assembly, Pick & place, Packaging, Glue dispensing, Inspection, Machine tending, Ultrasonic Welding, CO2 welding, Spot Welding, etc.

Please contact us with your request.