It is possible to extend the EYEFEEDER® concept with serveral accessories.
These are the main accessories.

The vision-system:
Any vision system that suits your product best, can be used. It can be directly connected to the DENSO robot-controller via Ethernet. The libraries of several vision-system suppliers available in the DENSO controller, allows you to communicate and calibrate the vision-system using the DENSO software. Monitoring the vision-system can also be done at the DENSO teaching-pendant.

The best result is achieved when the vision camera is used with an IR-filter. Only the IR-backlight illumination of the EYEFEEDER® will be visible and there is no influence of daylight or other light sources.

Bulkfeeder model EBF:
Bulkfeeders for EYEFEEDER® models EF0162 / EF0165 / EF0242 / EF0245 / EF0120 / EF0210 / EF0300. The bulkfeeder is controlled by the EYEFEEDER® software.

The following models are available:
  • EBF015  = 1,5 liter bulkfeeder with narrow output side.
  • EBF040 = 4 liter bulkfeeder with narrow output side.
  • EBF041  = 4 liter bulkfeeder with wide output side.
  • EBF070 = 7 liter bulkfeeder with wide output side
Bulkfeeder model EBC:
Bulkconveyor for EYEFEEDER® models EF0800 / EF1000 / EF1200. The bulkconveyor is controlled by the EYEFEEDER® software.

The following models are available:
  • EBC012  = 120mm wide bulkfeeder
  • EBC020 = 200mm wide bulkfeeder
  • EBC030 = 300mm wide bulkfeeder
Toplight unit EFT
Some EYEFEEDER® applications work better with toplight. The toplight unit is an alternative for the EYEFEEDER® IR-backlight.

Toplight unit is available in:
  • White LED light
  • Red LED light
The following models are available:
  • EFT240 = for EYEFEEDER® models EF0120-EF0210-EF016x-EF024x.
  • EFT100 = for EYEFEEDER® models EF0800-EF1000-EF0300
  • EFT120 = for EYEFEEDER® model EF1200
EFT unit with Eyefeeder 1000
Sidelight unit ESL:
EYEFEEDER® applications with clear or reflecting products can work better with sidelight. The sidelight unit is an alternative for the EYEFEEDER® IR-backlight and is available for all EYEFEEDER® models.

The default LED colour is blue, however other colours are a possibility.


We help every customer who needs a robot, a robot application, a EYEFEEDER application or ROBOTUNITS build material. We also can advise you on what is required to get a fast reliable and simple application working.

Need application advise:
We only need little information regarding machine space and cycle speed. We will make a proposal which robot model, vision camera and accessories are required for a properly working application.

We know what our customers expect from us besides delivering high quality robots. We also have good service to guarantee that installed robots will function properly. Therefor service has high priority in our organization.

Application examples:
Assembly, Pick & place, Packaging, Glue dispensing, Inspection, Machine tending, Ultrasonic Welding, CO2 welding, Spot Welding, etc.

Please contact us with your request.