We are dealer of DENSO and HYUNDAI-robotics in the Benelux. These leading robot manufacturers supply a wide range of robots. ROBA also supplies all robot related services, such as; robot advice, training, part integration, trouble shooting, maintenance & service and spare part supply. This, together with our years of experience, makes us a full and reliable partner in robotics.


The EYEFEEDER® is a patented feeder with a shaking system. The software of the EYEFEEDER® is integrated in the DENSO robot controller and communication take place via parallel I/O’s.

An EYEFEEDER® with an IR backlight unit is in most cases the ideal solution.

Optimal spreading of the products can be obtained by selecting different shaking patterns.  


Bulkfeeders , Bulkconveyors and vision camera’s for all EYEFEEDER® models are available, and controlled by the EYEFEEDER® software.

VISION system

Depending on the kind of product to be handled, any kind of vision system can be used. It can be connected to the DENSO robot controller via Ethernet. The DENSO robot controller has libraries (providers) of different vision system manufacturers standard available. The vision system can be displayed via the DENSO Teaching Pendant and makes additional HMI’s unnecessary.


A fast linear rail system for all kinds of products that can be mounted on the carrier of the “RTR TRACK”. Ideal for moving a DENSO robot (HS or VS). By using the RTR-TRACK, the working area of a robot can be increased enormously.


ROBOTUNITS develops and produces high quality aluminium profile systems, conveyor systems, linear transfer systems and safety fencing  based on one similar technology.


We help every customer who needs a robot, a robot application, a EYEFEEDER application or ROBOTUNITS build material. We also can advise you on what is required to get a fast reliable and simple application working.

Need application advise:
We only need little information regarding machine space and cycle speed. We will make a proposal which robot model, vision camera and accessories are required for a properly working application.

We know what our customers expect from us besides delivering high quality robots. We also have good service to guarantee that installed robots will function properly. Therefor service has high priority in our organization.

Application examples:
Assembly, Pick & place, Packaging, Glue dispensing, Inspection, Machine tending, Ultrasonic Welding, CO2 welding, Spot Welding, etc.

Please contact us with your request.