More with less through unique product philosophy:
ROBOTUNITS develops and produces high quality aluminium profile systems, conveyor systems, linear transfer systems and safety fencing based on one similar technology.

The idea behind ROBOTUNITS modular system is “More by Less” by creating maximum opportunities making use of as few components as possible.

This saves money in design, logistics, inventory, training and especially during assembly.

Pre-assembled cells:
Would you like to have your work cells partially or fully assembled, we can arrange that for you. Based on your sketch we will make a detailed drawing and a clear offer. The unique fastening technology of ROBOTUNITS allows us to build cells rapidly and therefore as one-off’s still affordable.

The 14mm uniform slot size Extrusion System:


  • Extra-large slot size (14mm wide x 14mm deep)
  • Concave Extrusion surface.
  • Tubular honeycomb construction.


  • Massive drop-in nut ensures max screw in depth.
  • Outstanding for dynamic-force resistance.
  • Excellent torque and load resistance.

Play free Fastening Technology:


  • Unique adjustable and centrally align fastening technology.
  • Fastening without drilling and milling.
  • Two-sided connection with one fastener.


  • 100% play free position and repositioning accuracy.
  • Short design and assembly times.
  • Strength comparable with welded connection.

Modular Timing Belt Conveyers:


  • Self-tracking timing belt for directional stability.
  • Multiple line layout.
  • Positive drive.


  • Share-force absorption possible.
  • Adjustment or enlargement possible.
  • Non-slippage (for indexing and positioning).

The Just-In-Time Conveyor Systems:


  • Wide range of sizes, belt surfaces/materials, belt speeds and drive options.
  • Delivery within 5 days possible.
  • Based on basic ROBOTUNITS technology.


  • Custom-made solutions with an excellent price / performance ratio.
  • Quick setup and integration.
  • Easy to connect with other ROBOTUNITS systems.

Customized Linear Transfer Systems:


  • Easy, quick and modular construction.
  • Seamlessly integrated into overall ROBOTUNITS system.
  • Guide rail can be integrated post assembly (datum edge positioning).


  • Economical and customizable.
  • Short design and assembly time.
  • Easy to integrate into existing situation.

Easy to construct Safety Fence Systems:


  • Three types of systems.
  • Placing panels without tools.
  • Stops up to 200kg at 20m/sec.


  • Customized solutions for every type of application.
  • Timesaving during installation.
  • Complies with latest machinery strict guidelines.


Samples of frames build with ROBOTUNITS modular systems



We help every customer who needs a robot, a robot application, a EYEFEEDER application or ROBOTUNITS build material. We also can advise you on what is required to get a fast reliable and simple application working.

Need application advise:
We only need little information regarding machine space and cycle speed. We will make a proposal which robot model, vision camera and accessories are required for a properly working application.

We know what our customers expect from us besides delivering high quality robots. We also have good service to guarantee that installed robots will function properly. Therefor service has high priority in our organization.

Application examples:
Assembly, Pick & place, Packaging, Glue dispensing, Inspection, Machine tending, Ultrasonic Welding, CO2 welding, Spot Welding, etc.

Please contact us with your request.